Sustainability Planning

  • Assist in developing an implementation plan for adopted sustainability initiatives, by developing goals and recommendations, citing relevant examples and providing guidance on appropriate contract and specification language.

  • Assist in tracking the impact of implemented sustainability measures, including periodic benchmarking of implemented measures to ensure that goals are being met within estimated timeframes.

  • Assist in preparing an Annual Sustainability Program Report, for release to the general public, that documents the airport's current environmental programs in a user-friendly format targeting a lay audience and conveying information through a combination of text, graphics, and photographs.

Sustainability planning is designed to achieve short and long term measurable benefits that are environmentally and socially responsible, as well as financially sound. Typical objectives include the identification of strategies for both maintaining and exceeding regulatory compliance, while simultaneously improving environmental quality, reducing operating costs, and strengthening relationships with neighboring communities. The typical product of such planning efforts is a clearly defined strategic plan for accommodating growth that is based on innovative, proven technologies and operational practices and that incorporates the principles of sustainable development.

L&B offers an exceptional range of expertise and services to meet the sustainability and facility planning needs of our clients.

Our team of experienced professionals can:

  • Advise on sustainable strategy options for both maintaining and exceeding regulatory compliance, while simultaneously improving environmental quality and reducing operating costs.

  • Prepare guidelines for sustainable planning, design, construction, and administrative functions based on research of programs that have been implemented successfully by other airports and transportation centers, nationally and globally.

  • Review and assess the feasibility of emerging and/or innovative sustainable designs and practices, prioritized on the basis of estimated cost-effectiveness and implementation feasibility.