Planning Facilities

L&B's experts in this field have extensive experience in guiding the successful commissioning of major international airports and terminal facilities in the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Working closely with the client organization we can assist in the process of strategic planning of the entire commissioning process, the development and monitoring of detailed activity check-lists, design of testing and trials programs, identification and mitigation of risk factors and planning and execution of the transfer of operations into the new facilities.

Airport Operational
Readiness Planning

Strategic Planning

Program Development & Monitoring

Contingency Planning

Transfer of Operations

The successful commissioning of new or expanded airport facilities can be greatly assisted by the development and implementation of a comprehensive program for operational readiness, testing, training, and transfer of operations. The goal of such a program is to ensure that a diverse range of equipment, systems, and operating procedures are tried, tested, and fully ready for smooth and efficient operation on the day each phase of the facility opens to airlines and the traveling public. While the ultimate responsibility for accomplishing this effort rests with the airport operator, there are significant benefits to be obtained from bringing in an independent team of airport operational readiness specialists to facilitate and support the process of development, monitoring, and ultimate implementation of the commissioning program.