Planning Facilities

We have proven credentials in helping clients efficiently meet demand by optimizing the layout of airside taxiways, hold pads, and other related facilities, while deferring expensive long-term capital requirements to the extent possible.

Our planning specialists have extensive experience with the planning of highly efficient support facilities. We approach the planning of airport support facilities with a keen focus on the operational requirements of each function and their related adjacency requirements. We understand issues related to runway crossings, interface between airside and landside functions, employee access, and other key issues that influence the overall efficiency of the airport.

Facilities &
Operations Planning

L&B has provided planning services to all of the top 50 airports in the U.S. and to dozens of airports in the world's most rapidly growing aviation markets. We offer a one-stop shop providing:

Master Planning
  • Facilities Planning
  • Airfield Planning
  • Commercial Development Planning
  • Support Facility Planning
  • Airport Layout Plan Updates
  • Land Use Planning
  • Strategic Planning

Whether the challenge is to create a master plan for a new airport, or to assist an existing facility expand to meet increased demand and ever evolving service requirements, we understand that the starting point for the planning process must be a clear understanding of the mission and goals of our clients, their stakeholders and the communities they serve. We also understand that the key to maximizing the operational performance of an airport is to achieve an optimal balance between the capacity of the airfield and surrounding airspace, the passenger and cargo terminals and their associated apron areas, and the roadways and transport services that link the airport to its neighboring regions. This unified planning approach is the hallmark of our ability to deliver to our clients planning solutions that are flexible, feasible, operationally sound, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable.

L&B understands how to develop airside facilities to optimize capacity while minimizing capital costs. Our approach to airside planning is one that ensures balance across all aspects of the airport, from the regional airspace system to the interface with the terminal, airside service roads and support facilities.