Planning Facilities

Collateral Development

Our experience enables L&B to understand the development business including its closely-linked relationship with Master Planning, the land use concerns of federal agencies, the market for different leasing targets on a global basis, and the various options to finance development. As a team we offer a seamless and integrated work product that integrates the highest levels of Master Planning expertise, with the logistics and real estate markets, and an understanding of development financing.

There is often a substantial amount of property on or near an airport that is available for development. This frequently represents an untapped source of revenue for the Airport and jobs and economic development for the region. Landrum & Brown has established an internal unit that teams with a core cadre of external partners to address non-aviation land use and revenue enhancement. The emphasis is on creating Business Plans and Development Initiatives which are realistic, acceptable to the FAA, accepted by the community, and fiscally prudent. Clients include both domestic and international airports: this enables us to bring a global "best practices" approach to the effort. A recent major effort for a U.S. gateway focused on commercial and logistics development options as well as potential revenue enhancements while maintaining a strong emphasis on maintaining levels of service for the airport's tenants and users as well as possible new customers.