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Airport Certification Support (FAR Part 139)

L&B understands the fundamental importance of integrating and bringing into balance the landside and airside operations of the airport from curbside/ground transportation to aircraft gate and vice versa. Our expert deployment of Pathplanner and GMS software enables us to achieve optimal efficiencies in apron design and the planning of aircraft gate and parking positions.

The overall efficiency of an airport is fundamentally driven by the efficiency of the airfield and associated airspace management. L&B has a team of airspace and airport operation specialists who are thoroughly familiar with the whole range of FAA and ICAO operational and safety standards and their application to the planning of an airport's runway and taxiway systems. In addition, we have a team of computer programmers and technicians who are devoted to maintaining L&B's airfield simulation modeling capability as state-of-the-art. L&B offers the flexibility to use TAAM, SIMMOD, or its own models to help clients reduce aircraft delay and fuel burn while also maximizing capacity and operational efficiency during the implementation and upon completion of airport development projects.