Environmental Automation

Many airports across the country have opened noise program offices to work with industry representatives and the public in the monitoring and abatement of airport noise impacts. Responsibilities of noise offices usually include the measurement of airport noise levels, forecasting of future noise exposure and complaint compilation/response. L&B has developed a series of computer software packages that automate many of the more tedious, yet essential daily noise abatement office tasks. One of these software packages uses the ARTS radar data to sort and select flight trajectory records, plot ground tracks and profiles and monitor arrival and departure activity. These packages include:

  • ARTS data reduction and processing
  • Noise monitoring system software
  • Noise complaint database and letter response
  • Noise contouring
  • Land use database tracking

Each of these systems will expedite the ability to review and assess noise-related issues.

L&B's automation tools can facilitate the translation of technical information into presentation forms that provide the general public with a clear understanding of the issues. L&B has assisted airport clients calm potential concerns and respond to local issues by preparing graphic and printed materials that provide a clear and persuasive case for the proposed action, backed by technical facts and underscored by feasible alternatives and options.

Noise Assessments

Airport Noise Compatibility Planning (FAR Part 150)

Land Use Planning

Access Restriction Assessments (FAR Part 161)

Noise Office Operations and Support

Acoustic System Design/Monitoring

Sound Insulation Support

L&B's understanding of noise problems and extensive work in the field contributes significantly to our ability to assist airport operators in the development of aeronautically implementable noise compatibility plans.

Our experts have undertaken some 85 Part 150 noise compatibility planning studies, noise awareness planning, and land use monitoring programs around the country and are widely recognized leaders in the field of airport noise assessment and noise abatement planning. We have attained that position by combining technical expertise with land use planning to address the noise problems in a way that enables the airport's strategic development goals to be met. Our technical experience includes being an integral player in the development of the Federal Aviation Administration's Integrated Noise Model, which is the world's leading software for evaluating aircraft noise impacts in the vicinity of airports.

In addition, we have developed a series of computerized tools to assist with the complex evaluation of airport and air traffic control actions and land use planning actions. In an effort to better communicate noise-related issues, L&B uses geographic information systems (GIS) which allows for the review, monitoring and evaluation of noise effects in relation to multiple layers of a detailed land use database.

The layers may include information such as noise contours, streets, land use types, census information, etc. The firm uses all types of GIS software, including ArcGIS and MapInfo.