Development Project Studies

L&B has completed several thousand noise assessment studies for both single-family and multi-family residential developments for the private sector. The analysis may include the designing of noise barriers and specify building construction details necessary to meet interior noise level standards. These studies have involved assessing noise sources such as freeways, arterial roadways, railroads and military and commercial airports.


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Noise Control Engineering

Community Noise Studies

Industrial Noise Control

Vibration and Dynamic Analysis

L&B provides a unique combination of professional consulting services and engineering support for residential development clients. The Noise Control Engineering Services are divided into the following categories: community noise studies, industrial noise control, and vibration and dynamic analysis. All noise control studies involve analyzing or projecting the noise levels generated by a source, determining the level of reduction desired, and finally engineering a solution to achieve the criterion levels. Our experience and technical capabilities form a strong foundation upon which policies to minimize noise and land-use conflicts can be developed.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Exterior noise exposure analyses (roadway, railroad, aircraft and fixed sources)
  • Outdoor-to-Indoor noise exposure analyses
  • Party wall and floor-ceiling assembly analyses
  • Plumbing noise analyses
  • Reverberation analyses
  • Mechanical noise (HVAC, condenser, generator) analyses
  • Construction inspection services
  • Field airborne noise (STC) and impact noise (IIC) testing