L&B's experts in climate change and air emissions, are leaders in this field and have a wealth of research and technical capabilities to offer key insights into this subject which is still considered 'emerging' from a research and understanding perspective, as well as a regulatory perspective. Our specialists maintain a key awareness of the leading studies on global climate issues and are leaders in the development of the models that are used to predict project specific impacts.

Air Quality: Air Emission Assessments / Climate Change

Emission Inventories

Dispersion Analysis

General Conformity Determinations

Strategic Air Quality Planning

Greenhouse gas evaluations

L&B's team of professionals is able to conduct all types of air emissions inventories and air dispersion analyses, as well as, hazardous air pollutant analyses and human health risk assessments. Our planners have extensive experience developing air emission inventories, focusing on emission sources that are unique to airports such as aircraft engines, ground support equipment (GSE), and auxiliary power units (APU). We focus on early and extensive air quality coordination to ensure a thorough and comprehensive review of air quality. As a result, our analyses have withstood the most rigorous legal challenges.

We have a team of specialists who are skilled in using the latest air quality models including the Environmental Protection Agency's Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES) and the Federal Aviation Administration's Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT) which are the models now required to quantify airport air emissions in the United States. Through our membership on the Design Review Group, we have assisted in the development of the AEDT and tested new revisions before they were released to the general public.

L&B has the expertise needed to guide airport operators to establish policies and guidance to mitigate air quality impacts through an integrated program of promoting and demanding energy efficiencies, developing a comprehensive energy portfolio that minimizes greenhouse gas emissions, and evaluating the initiative's efficiency.